The Offer (2009)

In October 12, 2009, the Studentenwerk Munich and the students’ representatives of the Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU), the Technical University (TU) and the University of Applied Sciences (HM) received an offer from the MVV (Munich Transport) to introduce a so-called Semesterticket in Munich. This was the first binding offer after years of negotiations. Other models of Semestertickets which had also been discussed were dropped during the negotiations due to legal constraints or lacking economic attractiveness.

The vote among all the students at the LMU, the TU and the HM is held from November 23rd to December 4th 2009. Its result will decide whether or not the Studentenwerk is going to sign a contract in order to introduce the Semesterticket in Munich according to the conditions named below.

MVV-offer in writing, tariff of 2010 (possibility to introduce ticket starting WS 2010/11) – German version

How the Semesterticket works

The proposed Semesterticket consists of two components. The first component is an obligatory charge for all students. It allows the use of the MVV services at night, on the weekends and on public holidays. The second component is a voluntary add-on ticket that allows the usage of the MVV services at all times. (This model is explained in the scheme below.)

Two components Validity LMU an HM
per semester
TUM with special
per semester

Basic ticket

every student has to pay it

Monday to Friday: 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Sat, Sun and public holidays: all day long

6 months

entire network of the MVV
(all zones and all means of transportation)

78,50€ 49,00€

Add-on ticket

every student can buy it if they want

Monday to Sunday: all day long

6 months

entire network of the MVV
(all zones and all means of transportation)

+ 143,50€
Total for one semester (only if you take the add-on) 222,00€ 192,50€

The basic ticket

The basic ticket has to be paid by all students for one semester (six months). Physically disabled and chronically ill patients who already get a free ticket for the usage of public transportation will be excepted from this measure. Further exceptions will be subject of contract negotiations between the Studentenwerk and the MVV.

The basic ticket is a solidarity surcharge between all students. This solidarity component makes the add-on ticket for the entire network possible. As a compensation, every student can use the public transportation in Munich in the evenings and at night (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.) on weekdays and all day long on weekends and public holidays.

The price for the basic ticket varies for the TU on the one hand and the LMU and HM on the other. The price for the basic ticket at the latter two universities will be 78,50 Euro per semester (i.e. 13,09 Euro per month). At the TU, the university administration supports the students’ representative council’s plan to introduce a special tuition concept for the Semesterticket. With this concept, money from the tuition fees would be taken to support the basic ticket so that the students would only have to pay 49 Euro per semester (i.e. 8,17 Euro per month) for it.

Due to legal, juristic and economic constraints, in Munich it is only possible to introduce a Semesterticket according to this model. The reasons are stated on „Fragen & Antworten„.

The add-on ticket

Voluntarily, every student will be able to buy the add-on ticket. It allows the usage of the entire network of the MVV at all times for one semester. No matter what university you belong to, the price is the same for all: 143,50 Euro per semester (i.e. 23,92 Euro a month).

Every student could buy the add-on ticket, but no one is obliged to. You can also combine the basic ticket with single tickets, a carnet of tickets, the Ausbildungstarif II and other ordinary tickets.

The total costs

For students at the LMU and the HM, the total costs are 222 Euro per semester (i.e. 37 Euro per month), if they choose to buy the add-on.
For students at the TU, the overall costs are 192,50 Euro per semester (i.e. 32,09 Euro per month), if they choose to buy the add-on.