Semesterticket München

Welcome to the website of AK Mobilität about the Semesterticket München!

We are the AK Mobilität (committee for mobility) of the Munich Universities and consist of committed students who work for improvements in student mobility, the main topic being of course the Semesterticket. You can find more information about us here.


Most important information about the 29€ ticket

  • Valid in the entire MVV and Germany-wide public transport and regional transport
  • Can be ordered now:
  • Can be cancelled monthly (deadline 10th of the previous month)
  • Online order with proof of student status (upload of matriculation certificate) at MVG
  • A provisional certificate of enrollment is NOT valid as proof
  • Choice between mobile ticket (recommended) and chip card

Questions and answers about special cases: FAQ purchase 29€-Ticket

You can also find more information in the MVG FAQ:

(Status: 19.03.2023)


Solidarity fee WiSe / 29€-ticket

Due to the introduction of the 29€ ticket, a solidarity fee is no longer charged since the upcoming winter semester 2023/24. At the same time, travel authorization in the MVV during off-peak times with the student ID alone will no longer apply.

You can find more information in the FAQ (de).

(Status: 01.10.2023)

Information about the 29€ ticket

With this reduced “Deutschlandticket,” you can use the entire MVV and Germany-wide public transport and regional transport for only 29€ per month at the same conditions as the regular “Deutschlandticket”.

The 29€ ticket will only be sold by MVG. Later, it may also be offered by other transport companies. The 29€ ticket can be ordered at MVG on the following website:

We recommend pre-ordering as early as possible so that the ticket is there in time for the 1st of each month, as the eligibility check may take a little time.

To purchase the ticket, you need an account in M-Login and provide proof of your enrollment as a student at a Bavarian university. MVG has developed an online ordering process for this purpose, in which you upload your certificate of enrollment the upcoming semester. A provisional certificate of enrollment is NOT valid as proof of student status. FIn the future it is planned that the proof of student status can be done without uploading the matriculation certificate via the integration of “Shibboleth” (authentication system of the universities for Moodle, Zoom, etc.).

Like the regular Deutschlandticket, the 29€ ticket is available as a cell phone ticket via the MVG app and as a chip card. We strongly recommend choosing the cell phone ticket, as the chip cards are only available in limited quantities, and longer delivery times are to be expected. Unfortunately, MVV chip cards from existing subscriptions cannot be reused now.

The 29€ ticket can be cancelled monthly like the Deitschlandticket. The cancellation period is always the 10th of the previous month, i.e., for a cancellation on 31.05.2024, this must be made by 10.04.2024 at MVG.

(Status: 19.03.2024)