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Welcome to the website of AK Mobilität about the Semesterticket München!

We are the AK Mobilität (committee for mobility) of the Munich Universities and consist of committed students who work for improvements in student mobility, the main topic being of course the Semesterticket. You can find more information about us here.


Transitional arrangement Deutschlandticket

As a transitional arrangement until the start of the Deutschlandticket the following solution could be reached:

From the beginning of the summer semester (15.03./01.04.) until 30.04. the validated student ID (solidarity fee) is valid as a complete all-day semester ticket in the MVV. The IsarCard Semester (surcharge ticket) is not required and is not sold. Already purchased IsarCard Semester for the summer semester can be refunded free of charge (until 30.04.) at the respective company at whose vending machine the ticket was purchased.

From 01.05. the Deutschlandticket can then be purchased for all-day mobility in the MVV and beyond. The validated student ID (solidarity fee) is also valid from 01.05. until the end of the summer semester at the usual times (Mon-Fri 6pm-6am, Sat+Sun+holidays all day).

Is this solution financially worth it at all? -> Click here for FAQs and a sample calculation (de).

Further information on the page of the MVV.

(Status 28.02.2023)

Info about the current ticket

How does the Semesterticket in Munich work? Here you find background info on the ticket, answers to frequently asked questions and who to contact in case of problems.

Ticket Model Frequently Asked Questions Help

Check out the MVV page about the Semesterticket for current price listings and more. The Student Union (Studentenwerk) provides further information.

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Ballot 2016

From November 2nd until November 9th 2016 nearly 120.000 students at LMU, TUM and HM were called to vote on the continuation of the Semesterticket.

Results, Stats & Livestream (de) Background info (de)

Based on this ballot, the Munich Student Union signed a treaty which facilitates the Semesterticket until spring 2022.