Model for long-term continuation

The model of the Semesterticket that is under consideration in these weeks, is the same as we have right now. The proposal is like the last one a split-ticket (Sockelmodell) to limit the costs for those who hardly use public transport. It is composed of a obligatory solidarity contribution and the voluntary IsarCard Semester.

Sockelmodell summer semester 2017 und winter semester 2017/18

Figure: Sockelmodell summer semester 2017 und winter semester 2017/18


The total price is composed of an obligatory solidary fee and an optional semester pass. Please refer to the figure.

The solidarity contribution

Upon paying the solidary fee of 66,50 Euros per semester every student gets a MVV-pass for the entire network valid in the evenings (6 p.m. – 6 a.m.) and on weekends as well as feast days 24 hrs., so you can use public transport to get to the next party or for your weekend trips.

Why only this model is possible in Munich due to legal restrictions, you can learn in the FAQs.

IsarCard Semester  (supplement)

Obtaining the supplement for 193 Euros per semester is optional and enables to use public transport 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The supplement can be bought, but there is no obligation: The benefits of the solidary fee can be combined with any other MVV fare, e.g. the Ausbildungstarif II, strip tickets, day tickets, etc. With respect to one-component semester passes (common at most German universities), the split-ticket model is a better fit for students who use public transport very often and for those who hardly do.

Take your chance, participate and cast your vote!


The payment of the solidary fee by all students makes the cheaper total price of the semester pass of 259,50 Euro possible. With costs of ca. 11 Euros per month we could achieve the least possible charge for those who do not use public transport. This amount can be less than the money spent on strip tickets etc. Please calculate your costs.

For further questions, please refer to the FAQs.

To the vote & possible availability

A semester pass will only be continued if a majority of the students back the proposal. Only if more than 50% at each of the schools LMU, TUM and HM vote in favour, the pass will be available furthermore from summer semester 2017. For the ballot to be valid, a minimum participation / quorum of at least 25% of the students is necessaryat each school. The prices given above are valid at the time the pass might be introduced.


With the semester pass and the solidary fee you can use the entire MVV network. This includes the use of regional trains until the last stop in the network, for example on your way home. On the way Landshut for instance your ticket is valid until reaching Moosburg.

Furthermore, you can reach many destinations in the Munich area without additional costs like the Starnberg Lake, the Allianz-Arena or the airport.