Information about the 9-Euro-Ticket


The most urgent thing in advance, students do not have to purchase their own 9€ ticket. In the three months from June to August, your validated student ID with the MVV logo is valid as a Germany-wide travel authorization within the scope of the 9€ ticket. This applies regardless of whether or not you have purchased the IsarCard Semester surcharge ticket, only the solidarity contribution paid as part of your re-registration is sufficient for this purpose.


The refund of the solidarity fee and the surcharge follow separate procedures:

  • The refund of the solidarity contribution runs through the universities as part of a one-time contribution reduction of the registration fees for the winter semester 2022/23 by 9€. The sum of 9€ results from the proportional costs of the solidarity contribution for three months of 36€ minus the purchase price of three 9€ tickets of 27€.
  • The refund of the IsarCard Semester in the amount of half of the purchase price of 104,65€ will be made upon application to the transport company (MVG, DB, etc.) that sold the ticket. An online process for this is currently being developed, more detailed information will follow as soon as possible.