Deutschlandticket Information

The transitional arrangements negotiated with the MVV for the semester ticket expire on 30.04.23. Until this date, the validated student ID with MVV logo is valid as travel authorization in the MVV at all times. As of 01.05.23, either the student ID card can be used to travel during the validity periods of the solidarity fee (Mon-Fri 6pm-6am, Sat+Sun+holidays all day, only in MVV) or a switch can be made to the Deutschlandticket. All details about the transitional regulations and an example calculation can be found on our website (de):

Overview of the conditions of the Deutschlandticket:

  • Validity: Entire MVV as well as Germany-wide in the ÖPNV and regional traffic.
  • Price: 49€ per month, subscription can be cancelled monthly, minimum contract period 1 month
  • Purchase: Mobile ticket (app for Android and iOS smartphone) or chip card.
    We recommend purchasing as a mobile ticket, as the chip card has longer delivery times.
    It can be purchased via the website, the app or at the service center of the respective transport company.

Deadlines for purchase:

  • It can be purchased at any time (also for the current month) e.g. from S-Bahn München, MVG, MVV or DB.
  • Cancellation is possible until the 10th of each month at all transport companies.

Please note: If you buy your Deutschlandticket in the middle of the month for the current month, depending on the transport company, the Deutschlandticket for the following month will also be purchased. In addition, the transport companies differ in whether they only charge proportionally for the month in which you make the purchase (e.g. S-Bahn Munich) or whether they charge in full.

This overview does not claim to be complete. If you have any questions about individual conditions, please contact the customer service of the respective transportation company directly. For all other questions regarding the semester ticket, you can contact us at We will also keep you informed about all developments regarding the semester ticket here.

As of 01.10.2023, the 29€-Ticket for students will be introduced in Bavaria, which means that you can buy the Deutschlandticket for an even lower price of 29€ per month. We will inform you in time about the necessary steps to change the Deutschlandticket to the 29€-ticket and the resulting consequences for the solidarity fee.

(Status: 17.05.2023)