FAQ purchase 29€ ticket

Most important information about the 29€ ticket

  • Valid in the entire MVV and Germany-wide public transport and regional transport
  • Can be pre-ordered now: mvg.de/29euro
  • Validity starts on 01.10.2023 (begin of winter semester 2023/24)
  • Can be cancelled monthly (deadline 10th of the previous month)
  • Online order with proof of student status (upload of matriculation certificate WiSe 2023/24) at MVG
  • A provisional certificate of enrollment is NOT valid as proof
  • Choice between mobile ticket (recommended) and chip card
  • When changing from the regular Deutschlandticket to the 29€ ticket, observe the cancellation period until 10.09.2023


Questions and answers about special cases

1. Can I use the 29€ Ticket for students as early as September?
The start date of the 29€ Ticket is linked to the start of the semester at your university. For most students, the semester starts on 01.10. If you still select the start date 01.09 when ordering, your order is invalid and will be cancelled.

2. I have already bought the D-Ticket from MVG and now I cannot pre-order the 29€ ticket from MVG (validation error).
Only one subscription ticket can be linked to an M-Login account at any one time. Therefore, the D-Ticket must first be cancelled at MVG and then the 29€ ticket can be pre-ordered. The D-Ticket can be cancelled in advance. This means that you can cancel the D-Ticket in the MVG Aboportal with a cancellation date of 30.09. You can then pre-order the 29€ ticket. When ordering the 29€ ticket, make sure that the start date 01.10 is selected.

3. Does the 29€ ticket also apply to registered doctoral students?
Similar to the Semesterticket, registered doctoral students can also purchase the 29€ ticket with their certificate of enrolment. It is important that you are registered as a doctoral student, i.e. that you have paid the semester fee (re-registration).

4. Can an admission certificate or a provisional enrolment certificate also be used as proof of student status?
No, only the certificate of enrolment is valid as proof of student status when ordering the 29€ ticket.

5. Is the 29€ ticket also valid during the semester break?